Sai – Secretaria Executiva de Articulação Internacionais

Administration balance: international actions boost Santa Catarina’s development

The Executive Secretariat for International Affairs (SAI) closed the administration of Carlos Moises’ government with positive results for the state. It created the Investor’s Guide, organized the Santa Catarina Day, launched the InvestSC Business Forum, facilitated the arrival of multinational companies in Santa Catarina, received visits from world leaders, was present at COP26, BTL and BIF, among many other initiatives that promoted the growth of Santa Catarina.

“It was a very productive period for the SAI, in which, despite the difficulties brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, we created new projects and worked actively in the promotion of international relations, foreign trade and investment attraction, as well as in the formation of new partnerships, the articulation of new agreements and attracting the attention of international investors to Santa Catarina. Together with other state government bodies, we work to generate positive impacts for our state,” said Fernando Raupp, Executive Secretary of International Affairs.

* Investment attraction

In 2021, the Secretariat published the Investor’s Guide, which was updated in 2022, with the objective of providing information to companies that want to invest or reinvest in the State. Developed by the team of the Executive Secretariat for International Affairs, the guide provides information on the territory, the economy, competitiveness and each sector of Santa Catarina, such as industry, agribusiness, ports, among others. It also describes information on InvestSC and financing programmes.

Prepared by Fiesc, SDE, SCPar and SEF (with support and updates from SAI), the Investor’s Guide is available at, and can be requested in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Just click on the main banner on “Click here to receive the Investor’s Guide”, fill in a form and receive the document.

InvestSC Business Forum

Following the launch of InvestSC by the State Government – a programme to attract investment and incentives for new businesses in Santa Catarina – SAI promoted, in April 2021, the creation of the InvestSC Business Forum. The objective was to bring together representatives of the State Government and a selection of Santa Catarina’s largest turnover companies for the post-pandemic economic development of the State.

Among the functions of this group is to optimise processes, attract investments, concentrate information on those investments and projects in the sectors, creating a single gateway (both physical and online) for the business community and for the investor.

By 2022, InvestSC had reached a balance of more than R$2 billion in investments and generated more than 2,000 direct jobs. The programme has an inter-institutional core, which is coordinated by SDE and has the participation of SEF, SEA, SIE, Sema and SAI, as well as SCPAR and FIESC.

Implementation of the South Gas Terminal

With the articulation of the Executive Secretariat for International Affairs, Governor Carlos Moisés announced in May 2021, the issuance of the Environmental Installation License for the implementation of the Gas Sul Terminal for regasification of liquefied natural gas in Babitonga Bay, in São Francisco do Sul. The license was issued by the Environmental Institute of Santa Catarina (IMA), linked to the Secretariat of Sustainable Economic Development (SDE), enabling New Fortress Energy for the public call. The North American company is currently advancing in the construction of its LNG regasification terminal and is expected to be operational in early 2023.

Some US$ 77 million are being invested in the project which should generate more than 600 jobs. The result confirms the importance of the State Government working together with the support of InvestSC in fulfilling one more of its missions which is to bring new business and investment to the State.

Electric Mobility

In August this year, the State Government released the decree that established the creation of the Santa Catarina Program to Stimulate Electric Mobility (SC+ELÉTRICA Program) and composed of actions that encouraged the use of electric energy applied to mobility. The document was the result of the state government’s work after participating in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) at the end of last year in Scotland.

The governor Carlos Moisés highlighted the importance for the environment of the use of cleaner energy matrixes for the reduction of pollutant gas emission rates. He highlighted that this was one of Santa Catarina’s commitments reinforced during the Climate Conference, COP 26, in Glasgow.

For the secretary of SAI, Fernando Raupp – who was part of the entourage to Glasgow in 2021 along with the secretary of Environment, Leonardo Porto Ferreira – SC is a pioneer in Brazil in establishing a state programme for electric mobility. “This programme will boost the Santa Catarina industry, fostering jobs and attracting international investment, companies and opportunities in this field.”

The Working Group (WG) of the SC+ELÉTRICA Program has already launched two edicts to give progress to the program and is coordinated by Fapesc, with the participation of SAI and other representatives of the Government and private sector of Santa Catarina.

* International affairs

In May 2022, Governor Carlos Moises presented Santa Catarina’s potential to 30 countries at the SC Day in Brasilia. The state chief executive also highlighted the positive numbers in all areas of government. He stressed that, with little more than 1% of the Brazilian territory, the state is a giant in production and exports.

On the occasion, the ambassador of Portugal, Luís Faro Ramos, stressed the importance of strengthening relations and expanding opportunities and said he hoped that other countries would follow Portugal’s example, strengthening their economic, commercial, cultural and institutional ties with Santa Catarina.

The secretary of SAI, Fernando Raupp, stressed that the event added even more development and new opportunities with other countries. According to him, SC is a strong, industrial state, with good logistics, privileged location and skilled workforce; having been elected second in the national ranking of competitiveness, for the 5th consecutive year. The event was promoted by the SAI in partnership with the Portuguese Embassy in Brazil. The programme also included the presentation of the actions of the State Secretariats, Sebrae and Fiesc.

Memorandum of Understanding signed with the US.

The Government of Santa Catarina and the US Embassy in Brazil have signed a memorandum of understanding in priority areas: trade and investment; health, science and technology; environment; agriculture; education and human rights. In addition to best practices in administrative and public security problem solving, definition of objectives, parameters, results and exchange.

The agreement worked by the SAI since August 2020 until reaching this positive result in 2021, was signed between Governor Carlos Moises and Ambassador Todd Chapman and is expected to last until 31 December 2022, and may be extended. During this period, the sectors involved will conduct technical studies on each topic and, if there is mutual understanding, specific cooperation agreements will be signed for each project.

Relations with Argentina

Governor Carlos Moisés, accompanied by the Secretary of International Affairs, Fernando Raupp, received the Ambassador of Argentina in Brazil, Daniel Scioli, in May 2022 and reinforced agendas of mutual interest, strengthening the commercial relationship and cooperation between Santa Catarina and the neighbouring country, on the dry border of the State. At the Florianópolis meeting, issues related to agriculture, tourism and security were discussed. Among the agendas, they discussed joint action for production and progress in the construction of the Corn Route.

Canadian representatives in SC

Representatives from Canada and the province of Quebec were in Santa Catarina to align opportunities for technical cooperation in various areas, such as innovation, culture, business and social development in the state, in addition to opening contacts for future partnerships in events and exchange of experiences.

Brazil-Portugal Partnership

The State Government and the Brazil-Portugal Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Tourism sign a partnership to stimulate business between Portugal and Santa Catarina. The signing of the document took place in April 2022 by the secretary of SDE, Luciano Buligon, and the president of the Chamber, Jatyr Ranzolin Jr, in the presence of the secretary of SAI, Fernando Raupp.

According to the president of the Chamber, Portugal can be a gateway to the continental market, with more than 500 million inhabitants. He also indicated on the occasion, that entrepreneurs who intend to operate in Santa Catarina can benefit from government incentives.

Exchange with Japan and Costa Rica

At the beginning of the second semester of 2021, the chief executive of Santa Catarina and the secretary of International Affairs at the time, Daniella Abreu, received the Japanese ambassador to Brazil, Akira Yamada. During the ceremony, the diplomat Yamada said that Santa Catarina is a very important state for Japan and reinforced the strengthening of commercial and cultural exchange.

In October of the same year, Governor Carlos Moises and the newly appointed Secretary of International Affairs, Fernando Raupp, received the Ambassador of Costa Rica in Brazil, Mr. Norman Lizano Ortiz. On the occasion, the ambassador highlighted the similarities between Costa Rica and Santa Catarina, being “both future-oriented with a mission focused on sustainable, social and economic issues”.

Agreements with Israel

The Consul General of Israel in São Paulo, Mr. Rafael Erdreich, was received by the Secretary of the SAI, Fernando Raupp, to visit the State Government. During a meeting at the Secretariat of Treasury, with the Secretary Paulo Eli, the opportunities for cooperation agreements between Santa Catarina and Israel were discussed, both in the economic area and in the area of technology and innovation, such as the program of water reuse in agriculture, benefiting the State.

Participation in COP26

Governor Carlos Moisés and Secretaries Fernando Raupp (SAI) and Leonardo Ferreira (Sema) participated in November 2021 in the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Scotland. The State’s presence was marked by the presentation of Santa Catarina’s performance in relation to climate issues and the reinforcement of the commitment to good environmental practices.

The Secretary of International Affairs, Fernando Raupp, said that these were important working days to present the potential of Santa Catarina, outline goals to be achieved and share good experiences that can be adapted to the demands of the reality of the State.

Santa Catarina at the BTL

Santur and SAI represented the Government of Santa Catarina at the 32nd edition of the Lisbon Tourism Fair (BTL) in March 2022. In Portugal, the Santa Catarina delegation fulfilled a series of internationalisation agendas to present the Santa Catarina destination and, consequently, seek new business opportunities.

The Government of Santa Catarina brought to its exhibition space at the fair the best tourism products and services of the State. Ballooning and the canyons of the South, the beaches of the coast, the gastronomy and culture of all regions, as well as the most diverse products of the Sierra de Santa Catarina.

BIF Stand

With a virtual stand and the presence of representatives of the Secretariats of International Affairs (SAI), Sustainable Economic Development (SDE) and Finance (SEF), the State Government participated in and supported the largest investment forum in Latin America, the Brazil Investment Forum (BIF), which took place in June 2022, in São Paulo. On the occasion, the government of Santa Catarina presented the potential of the State’s economic sectors to Brazilian and foreign businessmen interested in investing in the State, and prospective new future business rounds.

At the same time, the State Government was present at the event, represented by Secretary Fernando Raupp (SAI) and by the undersecretary of Finance, Michele Roncalio, who was a panelist at the event and spoke about Santa Catarina’s experience with the Partnership and Investment Programme (PPI). She said that the State was invited because it is an example of good practice of the model that has been developed in Santa Catarina for partnerships and concessions, especially on the guarantees offered to those who want to invest in the State.

Meeting Comex 2022

Secretaries Fernando Raupp (SAI), Jorge Eduardo Tasca (SEA) and Thiago Vieira (SIE) participated together with Governor Carlos Moisés in the opening of the 9th edition of the Comex 2022 Meeting, consolidated as the main foreign trade event in southern Brazil.

In his speech, Governor Moisés highlighted the progress made by the current administration of the State Executive. He highlighted the positive numbers in all areas of government and the indicators of the resumption of economic movement in the state. He reinforced that the hallmark of the current administration is municipalism: to contemplate everyone equally, regardless of party affiliation. He informed that the State Government has been making historic investments with its own resources, without financing, as a result of savings and the revision of contracts. He also mentioned Plano 1000, which will invest R$ 7.3 billion in municipalities over the next five years.

Foreign trade

International trade closed on the rise in Santa Catarina. With US$ 10.29 billion in exports and US$ 24.92 billion in imports in 2021, the State registered growth and reached the highest values in the historical series in both types of international trade operations. Compared to the previous year, exports increased by 26.6% and imports by 54.9%. The data come from the Ministry of Economy.

With a growth of almost 44%, the United States was once again the main destination for Santa Catarina exports. China remains the main supplier market, with US$ 9.36 billion, an increase of 54.4% compared to 2019. Chile, second on the list, grew by 68% and supplied US$ 2 billion in goods to SC, the first time a country other than China surpassed this mark.

Communication partnerships

To show Santa Catarina’s international potential, attracting more investments to the State, the Executive Secretariat of International Affairs also invested in its communication. Among the many actions, it made a partnership with multinationals based in Santa Catarina and began to disseminate videos in which the companies tell the reasons that led them to choose Santa Catarina to establish themselves. Under the slogan “Why invest in Santa Catarina”, companies such as BMW Group, General Motors, Hyosung do Brasil, Nidec Global Appliance, Gomes da Costa, Perini Group, Azimut Yachts, Plasson, Macnica DHW have already participated in this action. Watch some of these videos here.