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Brazil-Japan Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Technology is launched in Santa Catarina

In the presence of the Consul General of Japan in Curitiba, Keiji Hamada, the Brazil-Japan Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Technology of Santa Catarina was formed at the headquarters of the Board of Trade of the State of SC (Jucesc), last Friday (7). Among the goals, the Chamber will help in the economic development of Santa Catarina through the mediation and support of Japanese investments in the State; promote and encourage the economic, commercial, technological, cultural, sports and industrial potential of SC in Japan; and serve as a bridge between Japanese resources and the State Government.

“For us, it is a source of pride to have the possibility of contributing to a community that can generate so many resources, so much business and bring technologies and other issues that are already being discussed with the Foreign Affairs Secretariat to benefit the state of Santa Catarina,” said the president of Jucesc, Fernando Baldissera.

For the secretary of Planning, Edgard Usuy, placing Japan next to the Board of Trade will be very positive, as important partnerships will be signed, in terms of technology, quality, mainly. “Governor Jorginho Melo asks us to establish several layers of planning in our work: planning the development of State Government activities, planning where Santa Catarina wants to go – social, territorial, economic, cultural developments, and certainly one of these layers is the international relationship led by secretary Juliano Froehner, who has been playing an important role in this articulation.”

Also participating in the launch of the Chamber were the vice-consul of Japan, Misaki Shoji; the vice-president of Jucesc, Fabiana Everling, the Institutional Relations manager of SAI, Fernanda Muniz (representing the secretary Juliano Froehner); the president of the Associação Nipo-Catarinense, Seiji Korosue, and its former president and co-creator of the Chamber, Eduardo Nobuyuki Usuy; among other guests.