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SAI-SC world!

CROWDSOURCING is an open innovation tool, of collective intelligence, bringing the State Government closer to those who are interested in developing projects that benefit Santa Catarina, established as an action by this Secretariat of Foreign Affairs – SAI with a view to accelerating growth and State competitiveness on the international scenario.

We are eager to receive global proposals, especially from the academic community, for solutions that can generate constant improvements to the State of Santa Catarina. If you have an innovative idea, capable of producing exclusive results aimed at the development of the State on its international face, access the button below to fill out the form:

How it works

Crowdsourcing accepts proposals made in ANY AREAS, OBJECTIVES AND ORIGIN, as long as there is some INTERNATIONAL element related to the State of SC – these could be, but are not limited to, the following areas: Foreign Trade, International Relations, Attracting Investments, Technological, Commercial, Institutional, Cultural, Educational Activities and Sports.

The proposals received, via filling out and forwarding the form, will be analyzed in a joint evaluation process between SAI and ENA (Government-School Foundation of SC) through an evaluation committee*, with the possibility of being selected or not – the proposals will be analyzed during the working year, in a continuous flow, as long as the form accepts responses.

The final projects, resulting from the selected proposals, will be published on the SAI website and social media. There is no responsibility for SAI to inform individual authors of the results.

The selected proposals will be communicated to their Authors, who, at the same opportunity, will be informed about the 30-day period to expressly manifest their interest in monitoring the corresponding project, being able to provide it with maximum details, in one of the following languages: Portuguese, English or Spanish. This communication will be carried out through official SAI channels (institutional email and/or WhatsApp).

The Author's silence will result in a lack of interest in monitoring the project during its development.

At the time that authors are notified about the selection of their proposal, the selected project is forwarded, by SAI, to the government body responsible for carrying out the technical feasibility analysis.

Those selected Authors, of projects that are suitable for implementation in the State, and who express their interest through SAI channels, will be invited to participate in an award ceremony for their proposal, at a defined place, date and time.

*The evaluation committee will use the SMART methodology: Specific (S), Measureable (M), Achievable (A), Relevant (R) and Temporal (T)




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