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Entrepreneurs from São Paulo articulate new international projects in Santa Catarina

More than 100 businesspeople and representatives of companies interested in doing business in Santa Catarina, mainly focusing on foreign trade, attended the Santa Catarina Summit, this Monday (2). The location was the financial heart of São Paulo, Avenida Paulista, carried out by Investing Santa Catarina and supported by the Government of Santa Catarina, Itapoá Port, Fischer Advocacy and XPM Logistics. On the occasion, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs (SAI), Juliano Froehner, the manager of financing and investment capture at the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (SCTI), Luiz Maranzatto; and the director of privatization and partnerships at the Finance Department (SEF), Renato Lacerda, presented data on Santa Catarina’s competitiveness and its potential.

“Our positive rates are growing, clearly increasing, and this attracts a lot of attention from those who want to expand their business and open a new company or subsidiary. Also noteworthy is the balance of quality of life and security that the State allows, which reflects in productivity, efficiency, engagement and more resilient mental health. SAI, as the gateway to all international affairs of the Government of Santa Catarina, left the event with many requests for meetings for new projects”, informed secretary Juliano Froehner.

According to him, the potential and differences of Santa Catarina were highlighted to the group of businesspeople, investors and international consultants, following the direction of governor Jorginho Mello, “which is to be in ‘direct and straight’ when in contact with everyone who wants to do business in Santa Catarina”.

Present at the event, the director of the company specialized in chromatography – Allcrom, Altino José Paulo, stated that Santa Catarina is a state that creates possibilities through government infrastructure, ports and airports, among others. “We maintain a base here in São Paulo, but we will increasingly invest in international projects, with partnerships with companies that are coming to Brazil. And Santa Catarina will be the gateway to our products. We trust in the dynamics, intelligence and goodwill of the State to contribute to our company, and to our nation.”

For the CEO of investment capture agency Investing Santa Catarina and also founding partner of Fischer Advocacy, Maysa Fischer, the Santa Catarina Summit brought together the forces of the government and the private sector with the same common objective of leveraging investments in Santa Catarina in favor of generating wealth, employment and income. “We are the most competitive state in Brazil and this drives Investing Santa Catarina’s purpose in attracting investors looking for the best location to establish and expand their business.”

Sustainability, tax incentives and innovation

According to the director of SEF, Renato Lacerda, Santa Catarina is a very competitive state as a destination for new investments and investors because, in addition to excellent quality of life indicators, it offers a qualified workforce and good logistics infrastructure. “This attractiveness is the result of the seriousness and commitment of public management to sustainable development. And the private sector is able to perceive this favorable environment, which is reflected, for example, in the solidity and legal security of our tax incentive programs.”

The financing and investment capture manager of the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation, Luiz Maranzatto, presented the new public directory created by Governor Jorginho Mello, to give the sector the importance it deserves. “We believe in the social and economic development of Santa Catarina based on innovation. Our state has a vibrant technology and innovation ecosystem, with prominent companies and promising startups, providing a favorable environment for the development of technological solutions to become references in the country.

The themes of the lectures at the Santa Catarina Summit were: The Forces of Santa Catarina (by Juliano Froehner, Secretary of Foreign Affairs); The Reinvention of SC’s Economy through Innovation (by Luiz Maranzatto, financing and investment capture manager at the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation); and Tax Incentives (by Renato Lacerda, director of privatization and partnerships at the Treasury Secretariat).

Photos: Flavio Santana