Sai – Secretaria Executiva de Articulação Internacionais

Foreign Affairs of the State presents actions of the first months of Government

It has been four months into the government and the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SAI) of Santa Catarina is at full blast. Among the various agendas in this period, the highlight goes for the support actions to the creation of a rural internet, articulation for the installation of new foreign companies in the State and meetings to align international trips in search of best practices for the benefit of the State’s population.

“With the support of Governor Jorginho Mello, our areas of expertise in international issues, foreign trade and investment attraction are increasingly strengthened. In SAI’s daily schedules, we constantly seek to help companies, consular representatives, partners and state agencies so that, soon, they result in concrete international investments in Santa Catarina, generating even more jobs and income for the people of Santa Catarina”, said the secretary of Foreign Affairs, Juliano Froehner.

In the agro sector, SAI puts together an “easy package” via satellite for the State, with some companies in the sector, as a ‘special client’ for the creation of a rural internet program that benefits agriculture and farmers. Other negotiations in this area are the use of the financial market of partner countries to obtain payment for the maintenance of green areas in SC via carbon credits and public areas of the State, such as state parks; obtaining international know-how for primary education for teaching entrepreneurship through aquaponics and agro technology for children; and the expansion of foreign trade with other markets.

Intergovernmental actions

The Secretariat is negotiating with dredger manufacturers to bring them to public and private ports in the State. As a main goal, the reduction of costs to ports, city halls, the state government, in addition to increasing the collection of taxes to public coffers, benefiting the population. Increasingly, the ports of Santa Catarina, as well as other sectors, demand this type of service, hiring companies from countries like Russia or the Netherlands, which offer this technology. These companies take, on average, nine to ten days to reach SC, in addition to being covered for about 30 days on the high seas. “And all of this comes at a cost. With dredging, we will be able to receive larger ships, with more cargo, making logistics cheaper, generating more jobs and greater tax collection”, explained Froehner.

Another intergovernmental action being formed is the use of German technology to transform sanitation companies into energy generators (bio gas) through a biodigester for human waste with a fertilizer by-product. “A German delegation was in the State to present us with its network of environmental technologies and waste management, and we are currently seeking sponsorship from the Public Ministry for this project.”

Investment attraction

Large companies are expected to settle in Santa Catarina with the support of SAI: the appliance brand LG, a joint venture in power generation, the Chinese company Eikto and the shopping portal Shein. And there is also an alignment with local companies that purchase semiconductors for the development of raw material for the production of chips used in the most diverse segments.

LG, one of the biggest home appliance brands in the world, chose the North of Santa Catarina as a priority for its new factory in Brazil. According to LG’s project manager in Brazil, Paulo Setti, the development of the region, the logistical advantages, the proximity to other large companies, the consolidated chain of suppliers and the fiscal policy of the State Government are fundamental for the choice by Santa Catalina.

Also in the North of SC, a thermoelectric power plant with gas power generation should be installed. In Garuva, the work will be carried out by the joint venture formed by Diamante Geração de Energia, headquartered in Capivari de Baixo, and by the Nebras Power group, an international energy investment company and subsidiary of Qatar Electricity & Water Company. With an investment of R$ 5.5 billion, the plant already has a construction license. But to be able to start operating, it needs to win an energy auction process. The expectation, according to the company, is that the auction will take place at the end of the year.

The Chinese company Eikto, which produces lithium cells, modules and battery systems, has confirmed its interest in settling in Laguna, where it has already provisionally rented land. The company, China’s largest exporter in the sector and present in 44 countries, focuses its production to meet nautical, telecommunications or material handling equipment needs. The benefit are several, according to Eikto, both to the environment, such as the reduction of carbon emissions, and to consumers, as the batteries last for 10 years, with product monitoring directly from China.

With the news that the Chinese Shein, one of the largest international shopping portals in the fashion industry, has plans to become a large local producer after setting up in Brazil, Santa Catarina officially entered the dispute to receive a good share of the investments and new businesses. On April 28th, the State Government received two Shein executives at the Administrative Center. According to the company, by the end of 2026, Shein intends that 85% of the group’s sales throughout the American continent will come from Brazilian production. To achieve the goal, it announced an investment of R$ 750 million.

International relations

In a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Israel, in Brasilia, Santa Catarina’s secretary of Foreign Affairs dealt with the preparation of a joint international mission, scheduled for the end of this year.

In Florianópolis, Froehner received a delegation of energy generation companies with Israeli technology to talk about the creation of a project to install sequential photovoltaic plants for the development of Santa Catarina’s side of Rota do Sol. The company, in fundraising phase, intends to insert plants to generate energy for the State and, in the second phase, generate green hydrogen and create a cheaper logistics corridor for highways and railways. The idea is for trains and trucks to take and bring green energy along the route, supplying the logistics corridor in a sustainable way.

The Government of SC, through the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs, is also present as a supporter of fairs, such as FIN Brasil – International Business Fair 2023, which took place in March. With a state-owned stand, the event resulted in cooperation agreements and partnerships with companies from 45 countries that attended the event.

In terms of international relations, SAI also entered into a partnership with Jucesc to transform the Mercosur Space into an Foreign Affairs Space, installing the Itinerant Consular Service of Japan and, soon, of other consulates, according to secretary Juliano Froehner.