Sai – Secretaria Executiva de Articulação Internacionais

Government agenda in Brasilia discusses foreign trade and attracting investments to Santa Catarina

The executive secretary of International Affairs (SAI), Daniella Abreu, went to Brasilia to meet with Federal Government’s and embassies’ representatives to continue forth with the State’s agenda and discuss investment attraction and foreign trade affairs.

At the Ministry of Economy, Santa Catarina’s representatives discussed matters of foreign trade and competitivity with the secretaries of Foreign Trade, Lucas Ferraz, and Productivity, Employment and Competitivity, Bruno Portela, of the Ministry of Economy.

Afterwards, SAI’s secretary met with the secretary of Financial Structures and Projects, Marcelo Gomes Meirelles, at the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation to discuss projects, structuration, and investment fundraising for Technology.

Another discussed issue was the improvement of the competitivity of Santa Catarina’s ports, an agenda of InvestSC. “These are very positive agendas to Santa Catarina and our continuous quest for more innovation, efficiency and international investments”, Stressed Daniella Abreu.

Following the international agenda in Brasilia, the secretary went to the embassies of Portugal, Belgium, Germany, and Israel. “At the Portuguese embassy we presented the State to the Counselling Minister Sandra Magalhães and invited the ambassador to visit Santa Catarina.”

In Belgium’s embassy, the secretary spoke with ambassador Patrick Herman about the anniversary of Belgian colonization in Santa Catarina, along with the opportunities of international investment attraction to the State. The invitation to soon visit the State and meet with Governor Carlos Moisés and key Secretariats was also extended to the Ambassador.

Right after, Daniella Abreu visited the German Embassy, in which occasion, has spoken with Minister Marc Bogdahn, continuing the work started with the General-Consul in Porto Alegre, Milan Simandl, in promoting the opportunities for international cooperation with Santa Catarina and inviting the Minister to visit the State.

At Israel’s Embassy, the meeting was with the business manager Davi Atar and agribusiness advisor Ari Fischer about partnerships, investment attraction, innovation, and agriculture, in addition to the invitation to visit the state.

“With the support of the Executive Office of International Affairs (SAI), we keep working to build good international relationships to our State, promoting more foreign trade and investment attraction” Highligted SAI’s Secretary, Daniella Abreu.