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Government holds meeting on projects to develop an energy generation route

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Juliano Froehner, received representatives of an Israeli power generation and technology company, last Tuesday (2), to deal with the creation of a project for the placement of geographically sequenced photovoltaic plants for the development of the “Rota do Sol (Sun Route)” path in Santa Catarina.

The company, in the fundraising phase, intends to insert four to five plants in the first phase, to generate energy for the State; and in the second phase, to generate green hydrogen and create a cheaper logistical corridor for roads and railways.

“The goal is for trains and trucks, for example, to take and bring green energy along the route, supplying the logistics corridor in a sustainable way”, explained Secretary Juliano Froehner.

According to Secretary of Industry, Commerce and Services (Sicos), Silvio Dreveck, this future Sun Route will make the State attractive, receiving and expanding companies. “We will generate development and wealth and, mainly, employment.”

In Italy, there is a road called Sun Route and it follows the path of the sun. In Brazil, with the same purpose, the gaucho route (extreme southern region) gathers several highways in Rio Grande do Sul and part of Santa Catarina. It starts on the RS-453 highway, connecting Caxias do Sul and its highlands to the North Coast and region; it is also connected with BR-101 highway and Rodovia do Mar, which give access to the Northern Coast of RS beaches and also to the coast of Santa Catarina.