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Government of SC reaffirms the State’s commitment to attracting foreign investment

Representatives from 47 nations participating in FIN Brasil 2024 – International Business Fair in Florianópolis heard from vice-governor Marilisa Boehm that the State Government has the internationalization of Santa Catarina companies as one of its priorities. At the opening of the event, on 03/04, she stated that attracting foreign investments and new commercial partnerships abroad are a commitment from Governor Jorginho Mello and herself to Santa Catarina.

“This fair is very important because it brings ambassadors from many countries to do business in Santa Catarina. Governor Jorginho and I are sure that the State is a power machine that has grown every day and will grow even more”, she commented. According to the vice-governor, the event promoted by the Brazil-Portugal Chamber of Commerce, Association of Young Entrepreneurs Portugal/China, Federation of Portuguese Chambers of Commerce in Brazil and Beiras Region Business Chamber, has immense potential for carrying out new business.

“It is an action that promotes the exchange of ideas and experiences and strengthens commercial relations with other countries. It is an excellent opportunity to generate business and relationships with the national and international market. We know how fundamental this is to boost social and economic development. And ensuring new development opportunities are our commitments. The State Government is always open to supporting future projects and partnerships”, she assured.

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Juliano Froehner, assessed that FIN Brasil 2024 meets something that is strongly defended by governor Jorginho Mello. “In addition to the support that the government gives for the internationalization of Santa Catarina companies, Santa Catarina needs to show itself to the world so that we always have a force of attraction for companies and commercial partners to the State.

For the Secretary of Industry, Commerce and Services, Silvio Dreveck, the fair is an event that already shows its importance due to the participation of 47 countries and more than 300 companies. “For businesspeople in Santa Catarina, it will be a fantastic experience, especially in the agribusiness, technology, tourism, education, energy, logistics, health, civil construction and textile sectors. We, with the full support of Governor Jorginho Mello, are partners with FIN to provide this international exchange of experiences and enable important contacts and even future negotiations to be carried out at the event to further boost Santa Catarina’s economy”, he declared.


After the speech to ambassadors from countries such as Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cyprus, South Korea, Italy, Mali, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania and Togo, the vice-governor met with a delegation from Germany. The group of 23 people from the district of Karlsruhe, which is in the State of Baden-Württemberg, in the Southwest of the European nation, is on an official visit to Santa Catarina until April 9th in light of the bicentenary of German Immigration in Brazil.

For them, Marilisa said that the Santa Catarina government has a great interest in strengthening the existing relationship with the district of Karlsruhe, from where several families immigrated to Brazil and colonized the cities of Brusque and Guabiruba and part of Blumenau. “It is an honor to receive this delegation. Here we value our origins and want to expand our international operations, in addition to continuing to support the relationship we already have with them. We hope that 200 years of German Immigration turn into at least another 200 years of partnership”, she highlighted.

Text: Ascom / GVG
Photo: Richard Casas / GVG