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Government participates in the biggest event of foreign investment attraction in Brasília

The Government of Santa Catarina arrived in Brasília to participate in Brasil Investment Forum 2023, which takes place between the 7th and 8th of November. The secretary of Sicos, Silvio Dreveck, and the new business manager of the Industry Directorate, Adílio Anísio, are at the event, which is a partnership between the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Also participating in Brasil Investiment are Raquel Monteiro, from the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SAI), Rodrigo Prisco and Renato Lacerda from the Secretariat of Treasury (SEF) and Guilherme Murara from the Secretariat of State for Science, Technology and Innovation (SCTI).

The meeting is attended by authorities and representatives from all over Brazil and is providing insights into the global and Brazilian economy, as well as information about new sustainable infrastructure projects at national and state level. There are lectures on initiatives focused on sustainability and industrialization, as well as other topics of interest to foreign investors, such as technology, innovation and public-private partnerships.

The program brings together panelists from the private sector, executives from companies operating in Brazil, such as Embraer, Prumo Logística, Jaguar Land Rover, XP Investimentos, Microsoft, Raízen, Bayer and Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein.

“At BIF, we have the opportunity to show the potential of the state of Santa Catarina to national and foreign investors. This means promoting the strength of agroindustry, tourism and infrastructure in Santa Catarina to attract investments”, highlighted the Foreign Trade Manager of the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SAI), Raquel Monteiro, who represented Secretary Juliano Froehner at the event . The SAI secretary is on an international mission in Russia, together with the deputy secretary of Setur , Catiane Seif, participating in the 5th International Forum of BRICS+ Municipalities.

For the Secretary of Industry, Commerce and Services, Silvio Dreveck , Brasil Investment Forum 2023 is an opportunity to listen to the needs and challenges of the foreign market, in addition to networking with the public and private sector. “The agenda is to attract investments to Brazil and for that, we need investments in infrastructure, technology, knowledge and education. With a complete infrastructure, we will be able to attract more investments. Santa Catarina is a differentiated state, a good state to invest in with quality labor, legal security and strategic location. Furthermore, the Jorginho Mello Government is investing in transport, energy, education and infrastructure for companies that want to set up here,” he explains.

Sicos Industry Department, Adílio Anísio, adds that “Santa Catarina has presented incredible numbers in the economy and we have the opportunity to advance even further in attracting new investments and economic development”.

Text and photo: SICOS