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Governor receives ambassador from Hungary to seek commercial and technical cooperation partnerships

The governor of Santa Catarina, Jorginho Mello, received the Hungarian ambassador to Brazil, Miklós Halmai, at the State Administrative Center. The meeting took place on the afternoon of Tuesday, 11th, and aimed to strengthen bilateral relations between Santa Catarina and Hungary, exploring cooperation opportunities in the areas of trade, education, culture and technology.

During the meeting, the governor highlighted the importance of international partnerships for the economic and social development of Santa Catarina. He highlighted that the state has a favorable environment for foreign investment, with a diversified economy and robust infrastructure.

“Our relationship is very good and respectful with the people of Hungary. This meeting today only made us closer. We have many aspects that can contribute to the European country, just as they are highlighted in several areas and that can contribute even more to the development of Santa Catarina. We will certainly reap good results”, said governor Jorginho Mello.

The ambassador, in turn, expressed Hungary’s interest in strengthening ties with Santa Catarina. He mentioned that his country is looking for new markets and commercial partners, and sees significant potential for mutual collaboration in the state of Santa Catarina. Halmai also emphasized the importance of cultural and educational exchanges, suggesting the possibility of joint programs between Hungarian and Santa Catarina educational institutions.

“We are here to develop relationships in several aspects. Hungarian companies want to invest in Brazil and Santa Catarina has a lot of potential to welcome them. We have great experience in basic sanitation and technology and can contribute to the exchange of experiences and new business. I received nothing but praise for the economic matter, the hard-working people, the security of the state. The similarities are many and very good for expanding in different areas”, highlighted ambassador Milklós Halmai .

At the end of the meeting, the two leaders expressed optimism about the future of relations between Santa Catarina and Hungary. Governor Jorginho Mello and Ambassador Miklós Halmai agreed to continue the conversations and explore areas of common interest in more detail. The meeting was considered an important step towards building a lasting partnership.

Also participating in the meeting were state deputies: Maurício Eskudlark, Carlos Humberto and Maurício Peixer, in addition to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Juliano Froehner and representatives of the Hungarian Consulate in Brazil.

“It is a very strong cooperation approach with Hungary. Today we already have a Hungarian company operating in Chapecó in the biotechnology sector. It is an important area for our agribusiness and expands our state’s international participation. The intention of this type of meeting is to further foster ties and promote an even greater commercial and business approach with Hungary”, reinforced the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Juliano Froehner.

Text: Osvaldo Sagaz/Secom
Photo: Eduardo Valente/Secom