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In a meeting with the ambassador of Japan, the government of Santa Catarina requests the resumption of chicken meat imports

The Governor of Santa Catarina, Jorginho Mello, received the Ambassador of Japan, Hayashi Teiji, on Wednesday (19) at Casa D’Agronomica to discuss commercial and political matters. On the agenda were: the economic development of Santa Catarina through the mediation and support of Japanese investments in the state, promotion of economic, commercial, technological, cultural, sports and industrial potential.

The central topic of the meeting was the temporary suspension of poultry imports to the Asian country due to avian flu. The aim of Santa Catarina’s government is to revert the suspension of the purchase of chicken meat, demonstrating the sanitary control carried out in the State.

“We are a reference state in animal health. This punctual issue of focus on avian flu is already overcome by the Ministry of Agriculture and our conversation today was to show that there was no impact on the companies that slaughter poultry. In addition, it was a meeting to deal with other investments that unite Santa Catarina and Japan”, highlighted Governor Jorginho Mello.

During an agenda in Brasilia, the governor presented, to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, the sanitary system of animal protection and all the protocols followed to eliminate the outbreak identified in birds from a backyard rearing, in Maracajá (SC) last Saturday.

“We gave the ambassador a document that shows all the work done by our teams from Cidasc and the Secretary of Agriculture with regard to avian flu. In addition, we are formally requesting the resumption of meat imports by Japan. We have a great commercial partnership and we want to expand sales even more”, reinforced the Secretary of Agriculture, Valdir Colatto.

The Japanese ambassador, Hayashi Teiji, highlighted the importance of the state of Santa Catarina and thanked for the reception and hospitality. According to Teiji, the purpose of this type of meeting is to increase economic bids. The ambassador also asked for support in speeding up the works of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Santa Catarina Environmental Sanitation Program.

According to Hayashi Teiji, in the next few days a Japanese government team will be in Brasília discussing the rules and measures adopted by the country regarding the importation of animal origin food. “The idea is to seek a solution so as not to bring commercial or financial impacts to the state of Santa Catarina. We are working to ensure that poultry shipments to Japan resume. It was a very productive meeting where we had the chance to address other important issues for the development of both nations,” said the Japanese ambassador.

The Secretary of State for Agriculture, Valdir Colatto, the President of Cidasc, Celles Regina de Matos, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Juliano Froehner, the Executive Secretary for Aquaculture and Fisheries, Thiago Frigo, the Secretary of State for Planning, Edgar Usuy, the Secretary of State for Protection and Civil Defense, Luiz Armando Schroeder Reis, the Secretary of State for Finance, Cleverson Siewert, the president of Casan, Laudelino Bastos, and the Executive Secretary of Sindicarne, Jorge Luiz de Lima, all, attended the meeting.

“This type of international agenda is very important, and even more with the ambassador of a country like Japan, that has strong commercial and cultural links with Santa Catarina. We have an extensive agenda with the ambassador, with visits and work meetings”, added the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Juliano Froehner.