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In the first official visit of the Cyprus ambassador to SC, the State suggests expanding commercial relations

Photos: Richard Casas/GVG

Received by vice-governor Marilisa Boehm, the ambassador of Cyprus to Brazil, Vasilios Philippou , made his first official visit to Santa Catarina this Monday, 27th. In the conversation, the topic was the strengthening of commercial relations between the State and the nation located on the Mediterranean Sea.

The vice-governor mentioned to the ambassador that the Santa Catarina government is investing in state highways and airports to improve internal logistics, in addition to expanding tourism. “We have six ports through which production from sectors such as metalworking, agribusiness and fishing, among many others, is transported,” she commented. Marilisa also highlighted the renewal in the area of tourism. “Governor Jorginho Mello’s goal was for the state not to be marked only by the summer season. Therefore, we are now encouraging tourist activities in the four seasons, considering that in addition to the Coast, Santa Catarina has high-level attractions in all regions, whether with rural, religious, business tourism and theme parks, or with traditional October festivities”, she assured.

Philippou clarified that Cyprus has a strategic position for access to both Europe and the Middle East. “It is a dynamic nation, which offers a strong opportunity for investment.” With a high rate of economic development, the country, which is the largest independent island in the Mediterranean Sea, is approximately 9 thousand km² in size and has a population of 1.2 million inhabitants.

According to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Juliano Froehner, from today onwards, the State Government is working on exchanging experiences in tourism and integrating the aspects of the sector that gathers Santa Catarina and Cyprus. “There are three memorandums of understanding that resulted from this Monday’s meeting, one of which is in the educational area, as well as research and development.”

For the Deputy Secretary of Tourism, Catiane Seif , the consolidation of ties between the State and Cyprus is extremely important and represents, in addition to a significant step in the internationalization of Santa Catarina, the recognition of the relevance of tourism, which is the main Cypriot economic activity.

“Our initiative aims to establish a valuable exchange of experiences. Santa Catarina, with its rich diversity and attractions, has lots to offer, while we are eager to learn from the successful practices on the island of Cyprus. Building these relationships is an investment in the economic and cultural development of both parties”, she concluded.

In addition to the ambassador, vice-governor and secretaries, the meeting also included the mayor of Florianópolis, Topázio Neto, as well as Jatyr Ranzolin Júnior, president of the Brazil Portugal Chamber, vice-president of the Federation of Brazilian Chambers of Commerce and CEO of FIN Brasil; Rita Cássia Conti, vice-president of Facisc ; Maria Teresa Bustamante, president of the FIESC Foreign Trade Chamber; and Olavo Lazzarotto , business director at Sicoob Central SC/RS.

By Alessandro Bonassoli / ASCOM GVG