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Japan lifts embargo on chicken imports from Santa Catarina

Governor Jorginho Mello has just informed that the government of Japan has lifted the suspension on the importation of chicken meat from Santa Catarina as it does not consider the embargo applicable. The temporary suspension had been in effect since the 17th of July. “Santa Catarina is free of avian flu. We are a state of reference in animal health and this specific issue of focus of avian flu is already overcome by our state, and also by the Ministry of Agriculture”, highlighted the governor.

Japan is the biggest importer of chicken meat from Santa Catarina. According to its health standards, after analysis within 28 days, if no irregularities are found, the embargo is lifted. However, even with a bilateral agreement between Brazil and that country, the resumption of sales is not automatic and depends on Japan’s endorsement.

“The document delivered to the ambassador on that occasion showed all the work done by our teams from Cidasc and the Secretariat of Agriculture with regard to avian flu. In addition, the ambassador’s arrival was important to align several commercial partnerships with our state, in addition to talking about the expansion, even more, of our sales”, reinforced the Secretary of Agriculture, Valdir Colatto.

Last month, the Japanese ambassador to Brazil, Teiji Hayashi, was in Santa Catarina at the invitation of the Foreign Affairs Secretariat (SAI) to participate in meetings and activities to bring the State closer together. On the agenda was a meeting with Governor Jorginho Mello, which resulted in the delivery of a letter to be sent to Japanese authorities who would define the issue, reinforcing the visit of the Minister of Agriculture, Carlos Fávaro, to that country. At the time, the Japanese ambassador said he was confident that the obstacle would be resolved and, according to him, exchanging opinions between Japanese and Brazilian specialists would be important at that time.

“This visit, organized by SAI, was already scheduled even before the suspension of chicken meat exports from the State. By coincidence, the incident served to bring Japan even closer to Santa Catarina, as the Japanese authorities were able to check and confirm not only the preventive action, but also the prompt, resolute and firm action of the State”, explained the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Juliano Froehner.

Last year, exports of chicken, eggs and their by-products to the Asian country generated around US$ 310.8 million for the state of Santa Catarina, equivalent to 14.75% of the total revenue from exports of these products.