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Russian digital medicine company seeks alliance with Santa Catarina industry

Representatives of the company SANA LLC arrived in Florianópolis, on Wednesday (10), in search of allies and exchanges of technologies in the digital medical area. At the invitation of Santa Catarina’s government, which was in Russia last November participating in the BRICS+ Forum with the aim of attracting investments in the State, the company began its turn into the Olsen SA ( Palhoça ) industry and, until next Tuesday (16) , it will visit Sapiens Parque, Acate, Fiesc , as well as reference hospitals and clinics.

“SANA is a digital medicine company that works on portable x-rays. They are light devices, barely 50kg and that can be used in small inland cities, in helicopters or vehicles. It is a way to be able to use the diagnostic service for more distant, more remote places, serving the population of Santa Catarina. And they are looking for a place in the state to settle. For this reason, they are visiting companies in the health sector that could be investors, allies or suppliers in their facilities,” explained the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Juliano Froehner.

The CEO of the Russian company, Nikolai Baranov reinforced, on this occasion, that he hopes to find allies in Santa Catarina to develop innovations and to implement his products in the local market, distributing for the rest of Brazil – x-ray devices produced for more than 20 years in Russia. “Brazil is our pioneer market and, at the invitation of the government of Santa Catarina to learn about the potential of the State in Russia, we decided to come to Santa Catarina.”

According to the president of Olsen SA, Cesar Augusto Olsen, there are no barriers or difficulties in bringing the company’s products to Russia “And we can also, for example, bring semi-assembled equipment and finish them here, since we are an industry.”

In the intermediation relationship of the government of Santa Catarina for the internationalization of companies, the president of Olsen said that the vision of Governor Jorginho Mello, especially focused on the industry, deviates from the traditional practices of other governments. “The fact that the Brazilian industry can sell its technology, bring in partners from abroad or mixes, and sell the product abroad, which means that many dollars come in. And Santa Catarina’s industry, very diverse and supported by Fiesc, is an active part of this process. And it is good to know that the State Government supports us, bringing technologies and people interested in producing here.”

Olsen already has partnerships in Russia, with more than 11 thousand equipment in the country. “The visit of the Russians, who have technologies, is important, since they are also interested in collaborations in the military field. And we have that experience as a strategic defense company. We have, for example, a product developed for use by the armed forces, a compact piece of equipment that provides logistical support in combat scenarios. “Only the Army has more than 89 instruments like this, on the dry border.”

With 45 years in the market, Olsen operates in the dental, medical and veterinary dentistry segments. It currently employs more than 300 employees. With products sold throughout the country and exported to more than 100 countries, it also has an extensive technical assistance network and a competent after-sales team, totaling more than 350 contact points.