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SAI and SED launch public call to offer German courses for SC teachers

A partnership between the Secretariats of State for Education (SED) and the Foreign Affairs (SAI) will promote the offer of free degree courses in German for public school teachers in the region of Blumenau. The launch of the public call for the accreditation of institutions that will offer the courses took place this Friday, 16th, at the General Consulate of Germany in Blumenau.

The pilot project aims to expand the teaching of the German language in Santa Catarina and encourage technologies and investments for the State. The course and region offered were defined according to demand sent by the Consulates of Germany and Austria, based on the need for qualified teachers in specific areas of the state education network.

“The German language needs to be cultivated and expanded, we have many municipalities with bilingual schools, but we need more qualified teachers. It is Governor Jorginho Mello’s wish to train teachers, providing more opportunities for students and improving the quality of teaching in schools”, celebrates the Assistant Secretary for Education, Patrícia Lueders.

“Our goal is to expand the internationalization of the state of Santa Catarina. We have numerous job vacancies, companies wanting to settle in the State and we need qualified people. We will expand this program to become an integration point and to attract companies. That’s what we want, we want to empower the people of Santa Catarina”, explains the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Juliano Froehner.

The consuls of Austria and Germany in Blumenau, Mauro Kirsten and Susanne Klemtz Adam, conducted the ceremony. The launch was also attended by the deputy mayor of Blumenau, Maria Regina Soar; the mayor of Pomerode, Ércio Kriek; and local authorities.

Accreditation of higher education institutions

With the signature of the partnership, the Institutions will have 30 days to express their interest and forward the proposal of the pedagogical project for the training courses to the Secretariat of Education. Classes can have up to 35 students.

Resources for scholarships at universities will come from the Support Fund for the Maintenance and Development of Higher Education (FUMDES). After accreditation, the selected institutions will issue a public call with the rules and criteria for registration. Classes should start no later than August 14th.

The public call is available here:

With information and photo: SED