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SC Day: Governor Carlos Moises presents Santa Catarina’s potential to 30 countries

Santa Catarina is synonymous with growth, opportunities and development. A state with many competitive advantages, entrepreneurial capacity, innovative, growing as a whole, driven by regional centres. These were some of the highlights presented by Governor Carlos Moises to ambassadors and representatives from 30 countries on SC Day, at the Portuguese Embassy in Brasilia, on Tuesday 17th.

The state chief executive also highlighted the positive numbers in all areas of government. He reinforced that, with little more than 1% of the Brazilian territory, the State is a giant in production and exports.

“We show the opportunities for those who want to live, do business and enjoy Santa Catarina in every aspect. Our state’s economy is growing and we remain at full employment. We can welcome new businesses and investment. We are thinking about the future. We have mountains, sea, four well-defined seasons, a diversified workforce; and the best thing we have is our people with an absolute mix of races. A state that has been showing great performance and efficiency,” said the governor, who thanked the Portuguese embassy for opening its doors to present the state of Santa Catarina.

The Portuguese ambassador, Luís Faro Ramos, stressed the importance of strengthening relations and expanding opportunities. “Portugal and Santa Catarina have a very good relationship. One example is that our companies are strong in the state and I am sure we will continue to strengthen this important relationship. I also hope that other countries will follow Portugal’s example and strengthen their economic, commercial, cultural and institutional ties with Santa Catarina,” he said.

The event was promoted by the Foreing Affairs Office (SAI) in partnership with the Portuguese Embassy in Brazil. The programme also included the presentation of the actions of the state secretariats, the Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Enterprises (Sebrae) and the Federation of Industries of the State of Santa Catarina (Fiesc).

SAI secretary Fernando Raupp stressed that the event will add even more development and new opportunities with other countries. “Santa Catarina presents itself internationally. We have a strong state, industrial, good logistics, location and skilled labour. It is the best place to invest. Elected second in the national ranking of competitiveness, for the fifth consecutive year”.

Santa Catarina – a state of opportunities

The Secretary of State for Administration, Jorge Tasca, highlighted that Santa Catarina has a management model that is a reference in Brazil. The government acted with austerity and obtained more than R$ 600 million a year in savings, with the revision of contracts and the reduction of the public machine. The measures made it possible to accelerate works with the resources of the people of Santa Catarina, without financing. He also cited historic investments in all areas of government. Since 2019, more than R$3.5 billion have been invested.

The financial improvement has led the State to obtain a B rating in the Capacity to Pay (CAPAG). According to the Secretary of State for Finance, Paulo Eli, the result is the fruit of three years of management work, with financial restructuring, channelling of resources for investments and improvement of fiscal indices.

Another highlight was the generation of jobs. Santa Catarina, in the first quarter of this year, generated 64 thousand vacancies. It is the second state that generates the most jobs in Brazil. It is the 6th national GDP, besides being 8th in the ranking of exports and 2nd in imports. The Plan 1000, the largest municipal project in history, was also discussed.

Infrastructure for development

The R$5.5 billion projected and executed in infrastructure investments were presented by the Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Mobility, Thiago Vieira. From 2019 to date, R$1.7 billion has already been invested in state roads and R$170 million in federal roads. To reinforce regional aviation, R$151 million are being invested.

To further boost development, the secretary commented on the Technical, Economic and Environmental Feasibility Study for the execution and paving of the New North Coastal Corridor. A new motorway, which will run parallel to the BR-101, in the section between Joinville and Biguaçu, up to the future Gran Via de Florianópolis.

He also reported on the preparation of two major executive projects: the Santa Catarina rail corridor linking Chapecó to Correia Pinto and the interport railway between Itajaí and Araquari.

Santa Catarina – A beautiful state by nature

The Secretary of Agriculture, Ricardo Miotto, highlighted the productive potential of the State, based on family agriculture, which represents 78.1% of the agricultural establishments. Agribusiness produces 31% of SC’s GDP and sustains 70% of Santa Catarina’s exports. With only 1.13% of the national territory, SC exports agricultural products to more than 150 countries; it is also an international reference in animal health.

The natural beauty of Santa Catarina was also highlighted. The president of the Santa Catarina Tourism Development Agency (Santur), Henrique Maciel, said that the state is the most complete tourist destination in Brazil. There are beaches, mountains, canyons, countryside, tradition. This diversity means that tourism currently accounts for 13% of Santa Catarina’s GDP.

Another point discussed was the investments made in the promotion of culture in Santa Catarina – 142 million reais this year. The presentation was given by the president of the Fundação Catarinense de Cultura, Edson Lemos.

The Executive Secretary for the Environment of Santa Catarina, Leonardo Porto Ferreira, representing the State Secretariat for Sustainable Economic Development (SDE) and the Executive Secretariat for the Environment (Sema), pointed out that SC has invested in territorial planning actions and the preservation of water resources. In terms of climate, the State has adhered to commitments to promote adaptation to climate change and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.

Technology and innovation

The president of the Santa Catarina State Foundation for Research and Innovation Support (Fapesc), Fábio Zabot Holthausen, pointed out that the State Government has increased opportunities and resources in Science, Technology and Innovation, and Fapesc is open to new partnerships for internationalisation.

The actions of Sapiens Park were presented by its President, Daniel Leipnitz, and its Executive Director, Daniella Abreu. The executives highlighted that Sapiens is an international environment of innovation with open doors to receive companies and financial investors.

Potential of Santa Catarina’s industry

Santa Catarina’s entrepreneurial vision and the potential of jobs, business environments, training and industry were highlighted by Sebrae’s Director of Administration and Finance, Anacleto Ortigara, and Fiesc’s Director of Innovation and Competitiveness, José Eduardo Fiates. Santa Catarina’s industry accounts for 30% of GDP, which places it fourth as the country’s largest industrial GDP by state.


Parallel to the event, Santa Catarina handicrafts were on display at the Portuguese Embassy. The objective was to promote the work of the professionals expressing the identity and culture of Santa Catarina.

Elisabety Borghelotti/Secom
Patrícia Pinheiro/SAI
Photo: Mauricio Vieira/Secom