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SC government strengthens relations with Romania for foreign trade connections

The secretary of Foreign Affairs, Juliano Froehner, accompanied the visit of the Romanian ambassador, Mônica Mihaela Stirbu, to municipalities in the west of Santa Catarina, this week. The representative of one of the most expanding countries in Europe came to the State to open business opportunities with local companies and to develop cultural and economic exchanges.

According to the Romanian ambassador, there are many common interests to both countries that can strengthen various sectors through bilateral agreements. “The idea is to promote economic exchange between Brazil and Romania. Therefore, in September, we will receive businessmen from Santa Catarina for their first mission to our country.”

For the Romanian consul in SC, Edson Dreher, who lives in Chapecó, these missions should become frequent, since the Romanian community has more than 10 thousand descendants in the West region, and the two countries have a lot to gain from this exchange, mainly for the industrial potential of both. “Romania is experiencing a special moment, with one of the highest GDP growths in the European Union. There is a lot we can do with exchanges between industries and services.”

According to the economic development ranking of the 27 Member States of the European Union (EU), Romania is on the rise and should overtake Portugal in 2023. Portugal will move to 20th place and Romania will reach 19th place in this ranking.

Looking beyond borders, according to Secretary Froehner, Jorginho Mello’s Government believes in expanding international partnerships. “Romania is a great example, which can become a strategic partner for our state in several ways, as one of the gateways for easy access to Europe. At the same time that we honor the past by valuing the origins of this community present today in Mondaí, Itapiranga, Tunápolis, São João do Oeste and Iporã do Oeste, we act in the present and prepare for the future by structuring foreign trade connections. And also educational partnerships that may result in technology transfer.”

Considered the European Silicon Valley, Romania is currently home to research centers for companies such as Renault, Ford and Porsche in the automotive area, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Siemens in the IT and Communication area.

Business mission

The Federation of Business Associations of Santa Catarina (Facisc) and the local Commercial and Industrial Association launched the business mission to Romania, this Monday (29), in Iporã do Oeste. The trip is scheduled to take place between the 16th and 24th of September this year.

According to Facisc’s Director of International Relations, Sérgio Matte, this mission represents a great opportunity for companies to explore new horizons and expand their commercial frontiers.

The president of ACIC, Milton Melz, believes that the accomplishment of the mission reaffirms the commitment to provide tools and support for companies to achieve success in their ventures.

The program in the West of the State also featured a cultural presentation promoted by the University of Transylvania in the city of Brașov, Romania, which presented Romanian Dance and Music. The delegation also visited the headquarters of the Historical and Geographical Institute of Western Santa Catarina and the Arena Condá football stadium.