Sai – Secretaria Executiva de Articulação Internacionais

State Government participates in meeting of the Foreign Trade Chamber

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs (SAI) of the Government of Santa Catarina, Juliano Froehner, defended a synergy of all segments in the context of the internationalization of the economy of Santa Catarina, during a meeting of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Fiesc, this Wednesday (14). “We must present a single Santa Catarina to the world, regardless of who is abroad or working with foreign entities”, said Froehner, who presented the ongoing projects in his portfolio.

According to the representative of the Executive of Santa Catarina, SAI has aligned international agendas with institutions of Santa Catarina society, as well as Fiesc, which has a very important international area managed by Dr. Maitê Bustamante. “And now, the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs does this integration of agendas, objectives and convergences of international missions together with Fiesc. With that, we have an alignment of purposes to bring to Santa Catarina more concrete and pragmatic objectives as results of investments, sales, commercial promotion, partnerships and international cooperation.”

On the occasion, the president of the Federation of Industries of Santa Catarina (Fiesc), Mario Cezar de Aguiar, mentioned that the experiences of South Korea and, mainly, Singapore, can inspire Santa Catarina to expand its international trade chain. At the meeting, Aguiar and other participants exposed their perceptions regarding the business mission that Fiesc promoted to those two countries in the second half of April.

“Alike Santa Catarina, South Korea and Singapore have a very relevant international trade flow; the difference is in the will to sell, in the aggressiveness, in a good sense, in international trade”, said the president of Fiesc.

Also present at the meeting were the representative of the Treasury Secretariat of the Government of SC, Rodrigo Prisco Paraiso; the president of the Fiesc Foreign Trade Chamber, Maria Teresa Bustamante; the director of Innovation and Competitiveness, José Eduardo Azevedo Fiates; the director of Senai/SC, Fabrizio Pereira; the director of Fiesc and of the company Cebra, Alexandre d’Avila da Cunha; the engineering manager at Metal Técnica Bovenau, Victor Odebrecht; the president of Fundest, Vincezo Mastrogiacomo; and journalist and columnist Moacir Pereira.

With information and photo from Fiesc