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State Government receives business leaders from SC to discuss advances for the sector

Representatives of large companies and entities linked to the productive sector of Santa Catarina met with Governor Jorginho Mello and Secretaries of State. The meeting was promoted by Lide SC and discussed the relevance of productivity and innovation of Santa Catarina companies for the State development.

The governor pointed out that the State is already investing in strategic areas to improve the economy, with the creation of new secretariats linked to Santa Catarina’s productive sector. “We are also applying, in Santa Catarina, new policies to help small entrepreneurs. In addition, we are creating a line of credit to our small farmer.”

According to the State Competitiveness Ranking, published by the CLP, Santa Catarina is the second most competitive state in the country. With only 1.1% of the national territory and 3.4% of the Brazilian population, the state of Santa Catarina is the fourth with the highest revenue in technology, for example.

According to the Foreign Affairs secretary, Juliano Froehner, the competitiveness of the economy of Santa Catarina is perceived not only nationally, but also internationally, and is reinforced through the interaction of the public and private sectors, such as the one happening today at Lide SC event.