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State Government supports unprecedented partnership to take companies from Santa Catarina to Canada

An unprecedented partnership between Santa Catarina and Canada was announced during the Startup Summit 2023, in Florianópolis on the last 24th. With the support of the State Government, the Technological Association of Santa Catarina (Acate) opened a branch in the North American country to facilitate the internationalization of Santa Catarina companies and attract Canadian business to the State.

In practice, Santa Catarina now has a physical space and a CNPJ – Employer Identification Number – in Canada, a country that has one of the largest startup accelerators in the world, as explained by the vice president of internationalization at Acate, Henrique Bilbao. This is the biggest partnership that the State has ever made with another country.

“Through these partnerships, we ensure that the entrepreneur has a physical place to work and is able to network. This opens many doors”, highlights Bilbao, who also lives in Canada.

The new partnership makes it possible for a company from Santa Catarina to simultaneously have a base abroad, and for companies from abroad to also have a base in the State. According to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Santa Catarina, Juliano Froehner, with this, companies will be able to explore the development of what is called a “global product” — which serves all markets.

“When developing any technology here, for you to apply that same product in another country, you will have to understand the mentality of that other market, what the customer wants, to see if they will buy from you. Sometimes a product can be successful in one place, but not abroad, and vice versa. By having more than one base, you force yourself, as an entrepreneur, to look at what a global product is, how it will be desired all over the planet”, explains the secretary.

SC as a reference in internationalization

Since 2022, internationalization has become a priority for the technology sector in Santa Catarina. Through several partnerships, the State has expanded its presence in countries such as Estonia, Canada, Colombia and China, in addition to the United States, where it already has a partnership with a hub in Boston since 2018.

In addition to Canada, representatives from at least eight countries came to Florianópolis for the Startup Summit 2023: Germany, Holland, Portugal, China, United Kingdom, Israel, United States and United Arab Emirates. During the event, the opening of an innovation hub in Santa Catarina in Germany was also announced.

“By bringing companies from Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, among other countries, you make Santa Catarina a reference in internationalization”, highlights the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the State, Juliano Froehner.

With information from Acate