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Summer Station: State brings together secretariats, security forces and consulates to deal with preventive actions

Public Security, Foreign Affairs, Tourism, Security Forces and the Prison System of Santa Catarina met this Wednesday, 6th, to discuss the actions that will be carried out in the Estação Verão (Summer Station) operation in the State. Consulates from Paraguay and Uruguay participated in the meeting, at the SSP (Public Security Secretariat) headquarters, in Florianópolis.

The aim of the meeting was the coordination, integration and communication of the sectors involved in the actions planned for Estação Verão with the main goals of offering the best protection and service to tourists and the population in general during the summer.

At the meeting, there were presentations by the Military Police, Civil Police, Military Fire Department and Scientific Police about the main work of each institution that will be carried out, in addition to the State Secretariats for Public Security, Foreign Affairs, Tourism and Prison and Socio-educational Administration.

“The contribution of each institution involved was important so that we can improve planning and be even better hosts to our visitors, like our brothers from neighboring countries. The government of Santa Catarina is ready and is preparing itself more and more, in an integrated way and joining efforts in this mobilization to have the best Estação Verão operation ever carried out in the State”, stated Secretary of State for Public Security Paulo Cezar Ramos de Oliveira.

The Security forces will have increased numbers of police, firefighters and lifeguards on the coast and the entire Santa Catarina public security equipment and technology available. These include, for example, helicopters, planes, boats, vehicles, video surveillance, mobile police stations, treatment rooms for women victims of violence, prevention networks. This year, there will also be seven public security quadricycles for preventive actions on the beaches through a donation made by the Secretariat of Prison Administration to the SSP.

“We have made, through the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs, the Secretariat of Tourism and the Secretariat of Public Security, all this effort of engagement and involvement with the consulates that represent our visitors, our tourists who are always welcome here. Today we already have the best State in public security in the country and we want to do even more, go further and increase our projection to the world”, pointed out the Secretary of Foreign Affairs (SAI), Juliano Froehner. The work is carried out with the consulates of Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile.

According to the Deputy Secretary of Tourism, Catiane Seif, the meeting was important so that the State of Santa Catarina can show how committed it is, not only to offering the best tourist experience, but also to safety. “I am very happy with the unity of the Jorginho Mello government, where all departments talk, plan together and execute. We are preparing a wonderful summer season so that we can offer the best security”, she noted. Lucienne Melody Amarilla was representing the Paraguayan Consulate and Tamara Guridi the Uruguayan Consulate.

Also participating were the State Secretary for Prison Administration, Carlos Alves; the general delegate of the Civil Police, Ulisses Gabriel; the commander of the 1st Military Firefighter Region (1st RBM), colonel Aldrin Silva de Souza; the PMSC Operational Coordination Secretary, PMSC lieutenant colonel Frederick Rambusch, among other authorities and area managers.

Text and photo: SSP-SC