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The State Government highlights the progress made by the current administration during the opening of the Comex 2022 Meeting in Joinville

Governor Carlos Moisés participated this Wednesday (13), in Joinville, in the opening of the 9th edition of the Comex 2022 Meeting, consolidated as the main foreign trade event in the South of Brazil. Organised by the International Business Centre of the Joinville Business Association (ACIJ), the meeting aims to share information, promote networking and business prospecting among entrepreneurs, executives, managers, professionals and foreign trade operators.

In his speech, the state chief executive highlighted the positive numbers in all areas of government and the indicators of the resumption of the state’s economic movement. He stressed that the hallmark of the current administration is municipalism: to contemplate everyone, equally, regardless of party affiliation. He informed that the State Government has been making historic investments, and with its own resources, without financing, as a result of savings and the review of contracts.

The governor also emphasised investments in infrastructure to strengthen development and ensure greater security for the population. For this reason, he is applying resources to municipal, state and federal roads, fundamental axes for progress. “We are a collaborative, cooperative government. We are doing what we promised in 2018. We understand that investing in all areas makes the differential that Santa Catarina has, the best unit in the federation to live, work and raise your children. We have come a long way and we will come even further”.

Carlos Moisés also mentioned Plan 1000, which will invest R$ 7.3 billion in municipalities over the next five years. A great plan to decentralise resources without overburdening the state with structures or more secretariats and actually invest where the people live.

Results management

The Secretary of State for Administration, Jorge Eduardo Tasca, presented to the participants “Managing for results: the model of success of the Government of Santa Catarina”. Tasca highlighted the fundamental participation of the State in foreign trade, which is why it is very important to present and account for the management to the participants of the Comex Meeting.

“Since we took over the State Government, we rolled up our sleeves and put the house in order, cutting overlapping functions, reviewing contracts and reducing public machinery. Today Santa Catarina has a management model that is a reference in Brazil and this has allowed us to generate the results that the people of Santa Catarina expect, which have contributed not only to the quality of life, but also to economic development.

Tasca also recalled that already in the first year of management, with the austerity measures determined by the governor Carlos Moisés, it was possible to leave a deficit of R $ 1.1 billion to a surplus in early 2020 of R $ 160 million. He also noted that, despite the challenges of the pandemic, the State was the largest generator of formal jobs in history in 2021. He addressed that the balance between economic development and care for life allowed the state to maintain the lowest Covid-19 case fatality rate in Brazil.

The Secretary also highlighted the resilience of the productive sector, which helped the State to stand firm in times of great difficulty. Historic investments in Education, Health, Public Safety, Special Education, payment of parliamentary reforms were also highlighted by the Secretary.

The infrastructure investments were presented by the Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Mobility, Thiago Vieira. In total, the expected value of investments for the sector is R$ 5.5 BI.

From 2019 to 2021, R$1.7 billion has already been invested in state roads. And R$465 million is earmarked for federal roads. Another R$140 million will be invested in the preparation of two major executive projects. One is the Santa Catarina rail corridor linking Chapecó to Correia Pinto, with a length of 319 kilometres. The other is the interport railway between Itajaí and Araquari, with 72 kilometres.

Thiago Vieira stressed that to talk about foreign trade is necessarily to talk about infrastructure. “That is why we are also presenting the government’s great banner, which is infrastructure, and the investments we are making to boost negotiations, industry and foreign trade, both in terms of imports and exports. We are not only talking about roads, we have to think about the logic of intermobility, railways, cargo terminals and air terminals. In this way we provide the conditions for our state to grow and develop more and more. We are doing today, but we are building and thinking about tomorrow.

Meeting Comex 2022

With 18 exhibitors and the participation of more than 600 people, the themes of the event’s programming involved global business opportunities in Santa Catarina, the new agenda of behaviour and consumption, the importance of ports and the practical use of technology in foreign trade. The Meeting Comex 2022 took place at the Expoville Convention Center.

The president of the Joinville Business Association – ACIJ, Marco Antonio Corsini, said that the moment is important, as the on-site event returns after two years. “For our city, Meeting Comex marks the international market with the exchange of knowledge and updates. And today, the presence of the State Government is fundamental to demonstrate the capacity of the Catarinense entrepreneurship in what it produces”.

For the Secretary of International Affairs of the State of Santa Catarina, Fernando Raupp, the event will contribute to the development of the foreign trade sector. “Santa Catarina is prepared for the return of all activities after the pandemic. This successful event is a demonstration of Santa Catarina’s strength in foreign trade”.

Among those present were the mayor of Joinville, Adriano Silva; the head of the Civil House, Juliano Chiodelli; the president of the Federation of Business Associations of Santa Catarina – FACISC, Sérgio Rodrigues Alves; of the Federation of Industries of the State of Santa Catarina – FIESC, Mario Cezar de Aguiar; of the International Business core of the ACIJ, Andrei Barbosa, among other authorities.

Text: Elisabety Borghelotti/Secom
Photo: Ricardo Woffenbüttel/Secom