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Vice-governor and SAI receive ambassador from the Czech Republic to seek partnerships

The vice-governor of Santa Catarina, Marilisa Boehm, received the ambassador of the Czech Republic to Brazil, Pavla Havrlíková, in her office on the 7th. The reception for the diplomat was also attended by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Juliano Froehner; the Secretary of State for Industry, Commerce and Services, Silvio Dreveck; and by the Director of SCPar, Renato Lacerda.

The objective of the meeting was to increase synergy in bilateral relations. Furthermore, the Czech Republic is interested in having an Embassy Representation in Santa Catarina. The vice-governor highlighted the interest in seeking new partnerships with the European country.

“ We are willing to strengthen ties and I want to say that you are at home. Here in Santa Catarina we have many Czech origin families and this helps in our approach to finding new partnerships. We are strong in the technological sector and in the export of various products, mainly linked to agribusiness, which allows the opening of new businesses for a bilateral relationship. I am sure we can build a great partnership with you”, said the vice-governor.

The ambassador was accompanied by businesspeople who already have businesses on Santa Catarina soil, as well as representatives from other companies linked to health and the automotive industry.

“ It is an honor to be in Santa Catarina and I am happy to be able to return to this state. Now in this new task I am here to help build institutional ties. We have similarities in industry and exports and we wish to promote closer relations in different areas”, highlighted the ambassador of the Czech Republic to Brazil, Pavla Havrlíková.

The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Juliano Froehner, added that it is possible to create new cultural and economic relations between the European country and the state of Santa Catarina.

“ The Czech Republic has cultural ties with the state of Santa Catarina. Today we are reactivating, reconnecting this rapprochement between the European country and Santa Catarina to develop joint projects in the economic, cultural, educational, social and technological areas. We are very interested in joint workforce training and other joint technology transfer projects”, said secretary Juliano Froehner.

Text: Secom
Richard Casas/GVG