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Vice-governor highlights SC’s economic potential in meeting with consul general of the Czech Republic

Vice-governor Marilisa Boehm received the consul general of the Czech Republic in Brazil, Miloš Sklenka, this Tuesday, 18. The conversation, held at the State Government Administrative Center, in Florianópolis, had as its main topic the expansion of the commercial relationship between Santa Catarina and the European nation.

Marilisa cited the economic potential of the state, which has a privileged position due to its proximity to the other Mercosur countries, in addition to consolidated logistics with the ports of Imbituba, Itajaí, Itapoá, Navegantes and São Francisco do Sul. According to her, the characteristics established in technological innovation, in the strength of industry and commerce in Santa Catarina, and in the investment that the State Government has been making in the area of training specialized labor through technical courses for the state education network and the Free University program are decisive differences in attracting foreign companies. “Santa Catarina is a prosperous and safe state and suitable for receiving investments”, commented the vice-governor.

Sklenka , who brought representatives from four Czech companies interested in exporting to Santa Catarina, suggested that the Santa Catarina government could organize business missions to go to the Eastern European country. “I’m sure that businesspeople don’t know the opportunities that exist between our countries. And, therefore, it is important to carry out these types of missions, where they can see with their own eyes opportunities that exist in different areas of the economy”, he explained.

In the consul general’s view, there is potential not only for trade, but also for investments, joint projects and the creation of mixed companies. Vice-governor Marilisa Boehm, who will take the matter to governor Jorginho Mello, assessed the meeting as positive. “It became clear that it is possible to expand the market for entrepreneurs from Santa Catarina in the Czech Republic”, she concluded.

The meeting was attended by the Secretaries of State for Industry, Commerce and Services, Silvio Dreveck; Health, Diogo Demarchi Silva; the international intelligence coordinator, Liana Ziliotto, from the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs; and the project manager Jairo Afonso Henkes, representing the Secretary of State for Agriculture and Livestock, Valdir Collato .

Text: Alessandro Bonassoli / GVG Photo: Richard Casas / GVG